Design Futuring Research seminars are either workshop-based or led by Research Students based on their own research topics, themes, issues, and challenges. Because of their nature, they are by invitation only to supervisors and other Research Students only.

The sessions are usually divided into two 1hr slots with two people per seminar. Research students decide what they would like to talk through, present, workshop, or discuss and come to their seminar with a clear set of guidelines for the rest of the group to engage. 

The workshops are discursive and themed around topics identified by the research student community.

2023 – 2024 Seminar Series

All seminars are on Monday’s 16.00 – 18.00

23rd October: Workshop – Identifying and writing a contribution to knowledge.

27th November: Yalda | TBC

18th December: Christmas Elevator Pitch + nibbles.

22nd January: Theo | Simone

26th February: Workshop – How to write for different things (Conference, Journal, Thesis)

25th March: Sanjay | TBC

22nd April: Emma | TBC

27th May: Karen | TBC

24th June: Sherin | TBC

22nd July: Workshop – Giving up your children (Focussing research)

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